CE020091002 Guardian

Title: Guardian
Original Title:镇魂
Author: Priest
Publication Date: May 2019
Classification: Danmei/Modern/Fantasy
Words: 440,000(Chinese characters)
Rights sold: Korean, Japanese, Thai,English

Film and TV adaptation rights sold: https://mydramalist.com/26035-guardian


Zhao Yunlan(赵云澜), Director of Special Investigation Division, is currently the owner of the Ghost-Suppressing Token(镇魂令), who is responsible for investigating all kinds of supernatural cases with a group of monsters and ghosts subordinates. While investigating a case, he runs into Shen Wei(沈巍), a university professor. From then on, the two are drawn into one “artificial” supernatural case after another. In the process of solving the cases, they have found two ancient artifacts. Later, Shen’s true identity of Ghost-Slaying Messenger is revealed by Zhao. With the appearance of the other two ancient artifacts, Zhao recovers an ethereal ancient memory. It turns out that Zhao is the reincarnation of Mountain Sage Kunlun King, one of the ancient deities. At this point, there comes the most exciting part. Five thousand years ago, the ancient gods and goddesses made great sacrifices in their exploration of the cycle of life. And five thousand years later, Shen has become a martyr devoting himself and Zhao’s supernatural power is awakened. The final reincarnation is coming!

About the Author:

Priest ,one of the most popular network novel authors. Her humorous and satirical language, unrestrained style and varied themes, covering modern, futuristic and archaism genres, are well received by readers.
Representative works: The Legend of Fei(有匪), Guardian(镇魂), Silent Reading(默读), etc.
Among these works, “The Legend of Fei ” series ranked on the Douban annual reading “fantasy literature” list for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017).