CE020091101Piercing the Clouds

Title: Piercing the Clouds

Original Title: 破云

Author: Huai Shang (淮上)

Publication Date: June 2019

Classification: BL/ Suspense & Detective

Words: 810,000 Chinese characters

Rights sold: Korean &Thai language rights, Film and TV adaptations, comics and animation adaptations, game adaptations, etc.

★This brilliant work is composed by ingenious structure, magnificent scenes, interconnected threads and intense plot. The thrilling and gripping action scenes will make you scream!

★A phenomenal criminal & suspense work that has moved thousands of readers! We believe in goodness and justice of the world and walk toward the future with great hope hand in hand!


In an anti-drug operation of Gongzhou (恭州) city three years ago, due to a wrong decision made by Jiang Ting (江停), a series of explosions took place, and the task force suffered heavy casualties. Jiang was missing, and everyone thought he was dead. However, three years later, he miraculously wakes up and comes back.

Jiang finds that his teammates have already been sacrificed and he is considered as a notorious “dead man” . For the rest of his life, he will try to prove his innocence at all cost.

What follows his reappearance are a series of terrible crimes in Jianning(建宁)city: a rich young man who walks into the fridge and freezes to death, a killer who is run over by cars on the highway, couples of boys and girls who have been disappearing for years, a crime scene that hides a mysterious fingerprint…

All the clues point to an unearthly substance. A flickering blue ghost slowly emerges from the abyss of sins.

  Yan Xie (严峫), Captain of Jianning Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation task force and the son of the city’s richest man, is a witty police man with more than 10 years experiences. He is proactive and has a keen eye for details. With the help of the former criminal investigation expert Jiang Ting, Yan solves one case after another and gets closer to the drug lord’s lair. Can Jiang Ting succeed in avenging his teammates and rehabilitate himself as an upright police man?

 This is a gripping work full of suspense. The description of crime scenes and investigations is highly professional but in a very accessible way.

About the Author

Huai Shang is a popular best-selling BL writer. She creatively combines elements of love, suspense, faith and mystery in her novels, incorporating her own insights and philosophy of life at the same time. This forms her unique “Huai Shang” style.