CE020102202 Binocular Typhoon

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Original Title: 双眼台风

Author: Xu Yigua(须一瓜)

Publication date: May 2018

Classification: literature, crime suspense


During the trial, Gan, the suspect, voluntarily confessed that he raped and killed a mute girl more than ten years ago in the “old railway”. This confession caused a great stir in the Qianzhou Public Security Bureau: the case had been handled as an “ironclad case” in that year, and Gu Xiaolong (顾小龙), the “murderer”, had been pleaded guilty and was executed by shooting… “Two murders in one case” is astonishing!

Leaders is paying attention, medias is involving, and public opinion is boiling.

Is it to continue to make the best of an error without rectifying it, or to pursue the old case to the end? Inside the public security organs, procuratorial organs and courts, the two forces represented by Bao Xuefei (鲍雪飞, arbitrary policewomen) and Fu Li’an (傅里安, “crazy” young fellow), have different positions!

Around the vindication of unjust cases, the two factions launch a desperate struggle.

Bao Xuefei uses her power to threaten and suppress witnesses, and settle the personnel in charge of the case by power and sex, makes the vindication encounter heavy resistance. While trying to obtain witness statements, Fu Li’an is framed as a psychotic and sent to Mental Hospital. Investigative reporter Qiu Xiaodou (邱晓豆) and Bao Xuefei’s old subordinate Fan Jinming (范锦明) die mysteriously in car accidents.

At the rainy and windy night when typhoon “Xiao Bi” landing Qianzhou, under the help of Gu Xiaolong’s good friend Jin Hongyu (今红玉), Fu Li’an escapes from the mental hospital.

In the end, the case is cleared. Bao Xuefei, the beauty “detective”, who makes injustice case, fights against and crowd out peers, is prosecuted and sentenced for a series of crimes of suspecting of intentional homicide, bribery, corruption and a huge amount of property with unknown sources. But as the old saying goes, “Justice delayed is justice denied”, Gu Xiaolong had died unjustly long ago, and his family was collapsed.


Xu Yigua’s novel is attractive, because she grasps the essence of the story: man must act, and man meets his destiny in action.

—Li Jingze (Literary critic and vice chairman of China Writers’ Association)

A writer always acts as a mental policeman, because above all she is imbued with a sense of justice. We can feel a sense of justice from Xu Yigua ‘s novel, which makes us become serious when we read the novel.

—He Shaojun (Literary critic)

Binocular Typhoon is attractive! The novel deeply describes the process in which facing a sudden injustice, people at all levels of the public security bureau organs, procuratorial organs and courts struggle and behave differently in order to seek the truth or keep their reputation and status. It is very graphic and intense and gripping.

—Ye Kai (Associate editor of magazine Harvest and writer)

The novel’s name “Binocular Typhoon” hints a struggle between two forces. Typhoon is a violent climate phenomenon, but also a strong anti-corruption storm.

—Tian Jianhong (Professional lawyer and writer)