CE021081101 All These Years

Original Title: 这么多年

Author: Ba Yue Chang An (八月长安)

Publishing date: August 1, 2021

Genre: Campus Novel

Word Count: 380, 000 Chinese words in total (3 volumes)

☆☆  Over 100,000 copies sold during the pre-sale phase!
☆☆  top1 on Dangdang New Book List
☆☆ top1 on Dangdang New Book Bestsellers List) 
☆☆ top 1 on JD New Book List

Ba Yue Chang An’s latest new work, the last book of Zhen Hua Quartet!

Film rights sold to Chinese major production company!

All these years, all she wanted was to ride the beast in her heart and to catch a passing dragonfly.

As Hello, Old TimesBest of Us, and Unrequited Love, the story of All These Years still happens in Zhen Hua Middle School.

But the story is different from them.

Ba Yue Chang An has wrote a different coming-of-age story this time.

What is growth? Growth let Chen Jianxia find that she is alone among this vast world of boundless sky, ocean and universe.

However, there will always one person who can hear her voice.

She is the abandoned spaceship in the infinite universe. And he will be the only one to respond the long mute speaker.

All these years, Chen Jianxia choose to go her own way. At the end of the road, Li Ran is still waiting for her.