CE019090501 The Golden Hairpin

Original Edition/2016
Korean Edition/2019

Original Title: 簪中录

Author: Qinghan CeCe(侧侧轻寒)

Subject: Mystery/ Romance/Ancient

First published in 2016.

1,000,000 copies sold in China.

Rights sold: Korean

*Tencent Reading Bestseller Top1

*iReader bestseller of the year Top1


At thirteen, investigative prodigy Huang Zixia had already proved herself by aiding her father in solving confounding crimes. At seventeen, she’s on the run, accused of murdering her family to escape an arranged marriage. Driven by a single-minded pursuit, she must use her skills to unmask the real killer…and clear her name.

But when Huang Zixia seeks the help of Li Shubai, the Prince of Kui, her life and freedom are bargained: agree to go undercover as his eunuch to stop a serial killer and to undo a curse that threatens to destroy the Prince’s life.

About the Author

Qinghan CeCe is one of China’s leading authors. She has been writing for more than ten years and has published eight novels, both in print and online, which reflect her fascination with “one thousand years of history, all for one dream: moving every reader.” The Golden Hairpin, originally published in her homeland in 2015, is the first of CeCe’s work to be translated into English. She lives in Hangzhou, China.

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