CE119090501 Suffering Hero-Ren Zhengfei and Basic Law of Huawei

Original Title: 苦难英雄任正非–华为基本法

Publishing date: 2019/02
ISBN: 9787559431530
448 pages
370000 Chinese words

This is a book about a man, a father and a enterprise. It tells the story of the suffering experience in the
the growth stage of Ren Zhengfei, the boss of Huawei, as well as the influence of the parents on him.;
analyzes the twists and turns from his resignation from a state-owned enterprise to starting his own
business step by step, as well as the bitterness, hardship, tribulation, despair and persistence he has
experienced; based on his life experience, summarizes Ren Zhengfei’s theory of “Gray Philosophy”
and underlying management thinking system in Huawei. From the parallel clues of Ren Zhengfei and
Huawei, the author presents the ideological history of Huawei over the past 30 years to the readers,
and let readers understand the reasons why Huawei employees have unified thoughts, strong cohesion
and Why Huawei step by step goes global.

About Author:
Wang Yukun is a former researcher of Development Research Centre in State Council of China , the
leader of the World Bank, a philosopher of management and a writer of finance and economics. He is a
distinguished professor of school of economics and school of economics and management, Shandong
University, The “Wang Yukun’s channel” has become a daily learning platform for numerous small and
medium-sized entrepreneurs.