CE020011901 Reappearance of the Cambrian

Original Title: 寒武再临 (4 Vol.)

Author: Shui Qiancheng (水千丞)

Publication Date: 2014~2016

Classification: BL/SF

In 2012, an earthquake unleashed strange and great energy. Animals suddenly evolve, plants mutate wildly, and cities become hunting grounds. Human beings are reduced to an endangered species. With doomsday close at hand, six people and one cat –Cong Xia, a programmer; Cheng Tianbi, a special forces soldier; Liu Fengyu, a superstar; Zhuang Yao, a child with a giant ragdoll cat; a will-off young man, Tang Yanqiu; and a foodie, Deng Xiao – set forth on a journey of survival without hesitation.

Shui Qiancheng, one of the bestselling network literature authors in China, was ranked No. 11 on the List of Chinese Network Literature Writers in 2017. Her works are of great commercial value with an annual tax return of 20 million RMB.