CE020090201Silent Reading

Original Title: 默读

Author: Priest

Publication Date: Oct. 2018

Classification: BL/Bromance/Modern/Detective & Suspense & Reasoning

*(BL part edited when published in paperbook)

Words: 800,000(Chinese characters)

From incompatible to inseparable, two buddies work together to solve a number of merciless murders. Finally, they uncover the traitor in the police station, and arrest the wirepuller.

Luo Wenzhou: harakuroi, excessive loyalty, bully and roguish, a policeman born in bureaucratic family who specially deals with all kinds of intractable guys

Fei Du: harakuroi, born to kill, forbearance, enchanting queenlike rich 2G


    Luo Wenzhou, the head of Criminal Investigation Team, is a cynical police officer. Fei Du is a playboy with a talent for crime. The two met seven years ago when Fei’s mother committed a suicide. Now they have become rivals in love. However, this seemingly incongruous group have to work together to solve a strange corpse discarding case. Then A series of more complicated cases happened, a kidnapping case self-directed by a rich 2G, the serial abduction and disappearance of young girls, and the murder and dismemberment of a runaway teenager, etc. An illegal organization (dark force) with strong backing and heinous criminal methods has surfaced. At the same time, Readers, an organization that claims to be righteous try to stop killing by killing. Fei’s father has contacted both organizations before slipping into a coma. The case is getting more and more obscure. In the processing of case solving, Fei removes his playboy camouflage and treat the victims’ families gently. Luo’s begin changing his mind on Fei. Meanwhile, Fei unintentionally discovers that Luo has been caring for him for seven years through the help of others. Gradually, the incompatible two get to appreciate each other. Finally, rivals become lover. (good buddies) . As for the case, Luo finds Fei knows more about it than the police, but these secrets are buried deep in Fei’s heart and there is no way to pry into them. So Luo uses tenderness to soften Fei up and eventually peeps into Fei’s secrets – a sadistic father, an insane mother and childhood full of violence and agony. Because of his father, Fei has been focused on the dark force and Readers for several years. He manages to get in touch with them and sends spies in organizations. At last, Fei uses himself as bait to fish wirepullers of the two organizations, and all evils end where it began.