CE020082701 The Defective

Title: The Defective
Original Title: 残次品
Author: Priest
Publication Date: Dec., 2018
Classification: Sci-fi/Danmei
Words: 950,000(Chinese characters)

*30th China Galaxy Sci-fi Award Best Original Book
* Animation, Film and TV adaptation rights sold.


The Defective constructs a new era, when mankind has already entered the space. After the genetic revolution of the old ephemeris and the destruction of the dark reign of super-intelligence without framework privileges, mankind enters a epoch of the new ephemeris.

In terms of political system, the dividing point between the new ephemeris and the old is the establishment of the Alliance; in terms of technology, it is the formation of “Garden of Eden”. The Garden of Eden is a system where your brain can connect to any kind of device or artificial intelligence at any time, but where you lose your privacy and freedom.

Of course, not all human being have full access to the Eden system. Those who can not connect to Eden system, known as “hollow-brain syndrome”, are exiled to the eighth galaxy at the edge of the interstellar universe. In an attack that covered all the galaxies, these “defectives” of humankind went from the edge of the universe to the center.

What does the future hold for humankind? Maybe after this story, you’ll find your own answer.

About the Author:

Priest ,one of the most popular network novel authors. Her humorous and satirical language, unrestrained style and varied themes, covering modern, futuristic and archaism genres, are well received by readers.
Representative works: The Legend of Fei(有匪)Guardian(镇魂)Silent Reading(默读), etc.
Among these works, “The Legend of Fei ” series ranked on the Douban annual reading “fantasy literature” list for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017).