CE020092901Legend of Exorcism

Title: Legend of Exorcism (5 Volumes)

Original Title: 天宝伏妖录

Author: Feitian Yexiang(非天夜翔)

Publication Date: June 2019

Classification: BL/ ancient fantasy

Words: 1050,000 Chinese characters

Rights Sold: Korean Language,Thai,Film and TV adaptations, comics and animation adaptations, game adaptations, etc.

The Peacock King, one of the Three Lords of Yaojin Palace (曜金三圣), has passed away, leaving behind his son, Kong Hongjun (孔鸿俊). The boy was raised by Demon King(妖王) Chongming (重明), who is cold outside but warm inside. Hongjun learns of his true identity by chance and decides to leave Yaojin Palace to fulfill his father’s last wish.

With the ability of turning ill luck into good, this half-human, half-demon unworldly young man and his adorkable pet Carp Demon come to prosperous Chang’an City. He gets along with a group of aspiring youths in Exorcism Division there. To his surprise, his superior is Li Jinglong (李景珑), the Dragon Army General, who has fought with him not long ago. When the young lucky dog (Hongjun) meets the unlucky Jinglong, an exciting and gripping story about exorcism begins!

In his fluent and distinctive style, the author describes a magnificent scene and reveals exquisite emotions of various characters. From innocent teenager to unpromising exorcism division director, from exorcists with different personalities to cute Carp Demon, characters in this series are vivid. You can’t help marveling at all these unique souls created by the Feitian Yexiang.

As for Hongjun, he keeps denying himself at first. But with the help of the exorcists, he gradually begins to recognizing the meaning of his existence, and gains infinite motivation to keep moving forward. By showing Hongjun’s strong faith, the author aims at conveying a spiritual power that never succumbing to fate.