CE020091001 Criminal Minds

Original Title: 犯罪心理(5 volumes)

Author: Chang Er(长洱)

Publication Date: Feb. – Nov. 2018

Classification: BL/ Suspense & Detective/Modern Times Invented

Words: 1240,000 Chinese characters

Rights Sold: Thai, Vietnamese

Film and TV adaptations, comics adaptations, game adaptations, radio drama adaptations.

Suspense stories with high popularity

Gifted Psychologist VS. Rich Rebellious Cop

An amazing psychological analysis that make you can’t put the book down

Unraveling the mysteris of the most twisted crimes

This series will tell you what the most dangerous criminals are thinking about.


  With gripping plot and intense atmosphere, the series integrated professional and rich psychological knowledge. In these stories, the police cooperate with a psychologist to solve one difficult case after another. The characters in the series are vivid and distinctive. When you read it, you may even immerse yourself in these exciting and dramatic stories. What’s more, the bright side of human nature is revealed in this fantastic series.

  Three year ago, Lin Chen (林辰), a psychologist, suffered a severe setback in a kidnapping crime and lost everything. Three years later, just as he has become accustomed to a mundane life and get ready to become a good dormitory manager, a serial murder involves him in bloody and dreadful cases…

Xing Conglian (刑从连), a witty criminal police captain, is born with silver spoon in his mouth, but looks down on money. He has seen the dark side of the world, but still chooses to uphold justice.Xing never expects that Lin will cooperate with him.

A serial murder in Baisha, a strangely missing school bus, and a mysterious death live show on the dark web…What a scary and perverted crime! But the murderer is still at large and untraceable. The crime continues and the truth is beyond imagination.…

About the Author

Chang Er, a full-time writer, has various writing style. Her works includes popular novels Basic Ways to be a Genius, Criminal Minds and a short story Professional Baseball Manager, etc. Many of her works have been adapted for films and TV series. Her modern romance fantasy novel Basic Ways to be a Genius ranked top 3 on the Douban 2019 reading list (Chinese Literary Novel Category).