CE021102501 The Code of Ancient Shu Kingdom

Title: The Code of Ancient Shu Kingdom (古蜀国密码,3 volumes)

Author: Yuexie Yingqing (月斜影清)

Publication Date: July, 2021


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In the ancient cosmic era, the earth is the most developed planet in the whole universe, and is known as “Cosmic Emperor”!

Earthlings are born with a hundreds of millions of years of life, who also have a superior appearance and infinite wisdom. They create magnificent intergalactic forces and advanced weapons. 

They can travel freely from one planet to another. At that time, earthlings are the mostnoble beings of the whole universe! 

The Ancient Shu Kingdom (古蜀国) is the very center of the ancient universe. 

Even the most ordinary people in the Jinsha King City (金沙王城) can reach the Nine Heavens (九重天) through the Divine Tree (通天神树) and travel freely in the whole universe, living unfettered as immortals.

However, millions of years later, the earth has been reduced to an inferior planet, and earthlings have become nonentities in the eyes of Demigods (半神人) and victims of their virus and biochemical weapon tests. 

All this is due to the battle of the great gods in Mount Buzhou (不周山) in ancient times! Gong Gong (共工), the god of war, crashed the earth by navigating the Mount Buzhou warship in a fierce battle with Zhuanxu (颛顼) the Great.

In order to pacify the war on the earth and make it return to golden ages, under the support of the last Gong Gong in the world, the heir of Ancient Shu Fufeng Chulei (凫风初蕾), once a carefree princess traveling the world, has grown to a valiant empress who can lead the army to kill enemies. 

Later, she becomes the “Queen of Queens” who conquer the earth, and finally, she is crowned the central celestial empress of the Milky Way. 

Since then, the earth and extraterrestrial civilizations have been reconstructed, and the Ancient Shu Dynasty reappears on the earth…

Jinsha Sand King City, a city that has been waiting for 300 million years, never changed its name in case you got lost.