CE022040201 Wujin’s Teeth

Title: Wujin’s Teeth
Author: Pema Tseden
Pages: 382p
Published: 2019.6

Original novels of award-winning film <Tharlo><Jinpa><Balloon> included!Film rights to several other stories in this book are sold.


This book is a collection of short stories by Pema Tseden, a Tibetan director, screenwriter and writer.

It contains 13 stories, all set in Tibet, but they focus on depicting the daily life of ordinary common folks including alcoholics who are addicted to alcohol, devout lamas who are respectful, butchers and gurus who are secretive, shepherd teenagers who are obsessed with finding their own identity, and teenage girls who are standing sleeping…

Religion and Tibetan culture penetrate through the stories, creating a magical feeling for these stories.

About the Author:

Pema Tseden, Tibetan, born in 1969, is Tibet’s most prestigious filmmaker and an accomplished and prolific fiction writer.
He began to write novels since 1991 and published novel collections <Enticement(诱惑)>< Urban Life(都市生活) > in Tibetan, <Dream of a wandering singer (流浪歌手的梦)> <Marnyi Stone, Knock it silently(嘛呢石,静静地敲)> < Tharlo塔洛>( original work of the movie <Tharlo>)<Hit a sheep to death(撞死了一只羊 > (original work of the movie <Jinpa>)< Wujin’s Teeth > in Chinese. 
He also published translated work of <Tibet: Endless Story (西藏:讲不完的故事) and <Life Song- novel collection of Deokbonga(人生歌谣——德本加小说集)>.
He won the Jury Grand Prix award at the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival, the Best Director Award at the 17th Chinese Language Media Awards.In 2015, the film “Tharlo”(Ta Luo), written and directed by Pema Tseden, won the Golden Horse Award for best adapted screenplay. In 2018, “Jinpa”(Kill a Sheep), a film produced and directed by Pema Tseden and supervised by WANG Jiawei, won the Best Screenplay Award in the Horizon Unit at the Venice Film Festival.
In 2019, his novel “Balloon” won the 7th Huacheng Literature Award at Novella and Short Fictions, and the film under the same name won awards at the 2019’s Venice Film Festival , the Toronto Film Festival and the Hainan International Film Festival.
In addition, he has won awards at many literature awards in China and many film festivals in the United States, Japan, and Hong Kong and India.
His short stories have also been translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Czech.