CK020111601Little Mushroom

Title: Little Mushroom (2 Volumes)

Original Title: 小蘑菇

Author: Yi Shisi Zhou (一十四洲)

Classification: Sci-fi,BL, fantasy

Publication Date: July 2020

Rights Sold: English(US, Canada),Korean

 Comics and animation, radio drama and online drama series rights sold.


In 2020, the Earth’s magnetic poles disappears, a large number of people die from cosmic radiation. Within a hundred years, living creatures begin to mutate(called the Alien)  and devour each other, leaving only several ten thousand human beings struggling in the human base.

  In the alien abyss grows a small mushroom with self-awareness, which is nourished by the flesh and blood of a dead man called An Ze (安泽), becomes human and takes the name An Zhe (安折). An Zhe decides to go to human base to find his spores taken by humans.

  Lu Feng (陆沨) is a judge and colonel at the human base, who takes the responsibility of searching and killing aliens. Once he finds aliens, he will shoot them dead. However, Lu Feng doesn’t find An Zhe’s mutation, and the story between humans and aliens begins …

About the Author

  Yi Shisi Zhou is a popular author with ten billion points at She is a sweet gal who updates her works daily. Her work is widely praised for its simple and smooth writing style, varied themes, tight logic and amazing plot reversal. She is good at building magnificent and novel fantasy world.