CE020092401 TASA Agent

Original Title: 时空特警

Author: Manzuo Yiguan Shenggxue (满座衣冠胜雪)

Publication date: 2020.07 

Classification: BL/ Sci-fi/Parallel Universe/Inspirational/Suspense & Mystery

Words: 2,230,000 Chinese characters

*Manzuo Yiguan Shengxue, a top writer with numerous fans, who has been in seclusion for many years. This time, she reappears with her latest work and creates the most magnificent parallel universe.

* Within one hour of release, forwarding times of related contents on Weibo reached 1000 and had more than a million page views.

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About the Author

Manzuo Yiguan Shengxue满座衣冠胜雪, a fiction writer of both BL and romantic novels, is a former top author on 4yt.net. She has published more than 10 works including Online Games: Young Master Liancheng (《网游之公子连城》), with more than a million copies sold. Secret Killers (《银翼猎手》), her representative work, has got over 100 million points on different platforms with Douban rating 9.0. This is the best work of its genre and film and television adaptation rights have been sold.


  Du Xiao (杜骁) was killed in a battle against terrorists. His soul travels to 10,000 years later, where he becomes a special agent of TASA (Time and Space Administration). In this era, mankind has traveled travelled throughout the Milk Way and its surrounding extragalactic galaxies. Many people who seek adventure and thrill keep exploring new routes, attempting to transcend time and space and change history at will. There is a parallel universe at every crossroad of history. Ling Zihan (凌子寒), Du Xiao’s uncle, gathered a large number of technological elites and draws on technological relics discovered by countless space explorers, to develop a mysterious and powerful artificial intelligence brain called “Kunlun” (昆仑). TASA was founded with the creation of Kunlun.

  In this era, a lot of people throughout the universe are dreaming of becoming a special agent of TASA, but very few of them can realize their dreams. The recruitment criteria are very strict. TASA members enjoy the best welfare and the richest resources, and in the meanwhile, they pay the highest price and make biggest sacrifices. With a common goal in minds, Du Xiao and his brothers in arms travel through time and space, fighting to maintain the order of it. He saves the critical situation time and again, helping people in need, and thus fulfills his duties as a TASA special agent.