CE020092902 Floating Life of an Exorcist

Original Title: 定海浮生录(3 Volumes)

Author: Feitian Yexiang(非天夜翔)

Publication Date: Dec. 2019 – May 2020

Classification: BL/ ancient fantasy

Words: 816,000 Chinese characters

Rights sold: Korean,Thai, TV and film rights. Animation rights.

Three hundred years ago, all spells, talismans and magical powers disappeared overnight, as well as the spiritual aura between heaven and earth, and many exorcists lost their supernatural powers. They called it “Silence of All Magic” . Since then, the resentment of those who died in wars, plagues, and famines steadily built up, giving birth to demons that would bring further turmoil to the troubled land. The divine land is on the brink of collapse.

But there is hope – Chen Xing , the last exorcist in the world, a 16-year-old boy who bears a magical artifact called the Heart Lamp , must embark on a journey to kill the demon king Chi You at the age of 20. To help him along his path, his fate is connected to a rare star that brings him an uncanny amount of luck.However, when his mission is completed, the star will disappear and he is destined to die which means he has only four years left to live.

 Fortunately, this unskilled exorcist is not meant to do it alone – the Heart Lamp leads him to his fated Protector, Xiang Shu , a man who is destined to guard and walk alongside him. The two set out to find their companions and fight against powerful enemies. The roads ahead are full of thorns and thistles. It is said that when the Sea-stabilizing Pearl reappears in the world, the fate of all living creatures will be completely disrupted …

  In this chaotic world, the last epic war before the separatist regime of Southern and Northern Dynasties establishing is coming. The author paints a fantastic and magnificent picture with unrestrained imagination.