CE020102201 Sunspot

Original novel of the award-winning film The Dead End

Original Title:太阳黑子

Author: Xu Yigua

Publication date: 2018

Classification: literature, crime suspense


Yang Zidao (杨自道, taxi driver), Xin Xiaofeng (辛小丰, assistant police officer), and Chen Bijue (陈比觉, fish fillet maker), jointly bring up a little girl named Weiba (尾巴, which means “tail”). They do not get married, do not make friends, and are very secretive about their past.

Yang Zidao often acts bravely and helps others, but he is afraid that others know it. The beautiful and lively girl Yi Guxia (伊谷夏) often makes advances to him, but be refuses. Xin Xiaofeng does not fear the danger of catching prisoners, and he makes a mark in a small book mysteriously every time he grabs a prisoner. And he often goes to homosexual bars. Chen Bijue has rich professional knowledge of astronomy, but the work he does is hard and low paid. Finally, Yi Guchun (伊谷春, police officer, Xin Xiaofeng’s boss and Yi Guxia’s elder brother), solves the mystery: These three ones are the perpetrators of a rape and family murder case 14 years ago.

Yi Guxia guesses the truth, she proposes that Yang Zidao go to Shenzhen with her, but Yang Zidao refuses. In fact, these three men guess that Yi Guchun has already known the truth. The road of self salvation is too painful. They have been waiting for this moment to come. The three men calmly accepted the execution by lethal injection. Finally, Weiba is adopted by Yi Guchun and named Yi Chenyangxin (伊晨阳新, sounds like the surname of four people).

About the Author

Xu Yigua (须一瓜), political and legal journalist , writer, has won the award for the most potential newcomer of Chinese Media Literature Award, Yu Dafu Award of Novel, Annual Award of PATHLIGHT, Short Story Award of Selected Fiction and The Short Story Magazine, and Hundred Flowers Literature Award, etc. She has published many short story collections such as Light Green Moon(《淡绿色的月亮》), Snake Palace(《蛇宫》), You Are My Acquaintance Before Christ(《你是我公元前的熟人》), Tiramisu(《提拉米苏》), Whether the Train has a Wife(《火车火车娶老婆没》), The Fifth Sneeze(《第五个喷嚏》), The Female Old Friend(《老闺蜜》), and long novels, such as Sunspot (《太阳黑子》the original novel of the film The Dead End《烈日灼心》), Others(《别人》), and White Mask(《白口罩》).